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    Hello from the U.S., Ohio

    Hi from a fellow Ohioan! I’m in the Mansfield area! Welcome!
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    Peter Sallis R.I.P.

    Sad day. I will miss him. RIP Peter.
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    Mrs Smith

    Mrs Smith
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    It is FREEZING here!

    Very close to me! I work in Mansfield, at the Kohl's there and live in Ashland, but originally from Crestline. I am happy to report today it is 44 degrees. Think of that, last Monday it was -15. That is almost 60 degrees difference. Like if today was 90 and tomorrow was 30. So strange!!!!!
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    Just thought I'd share

    I'm up for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Yorkshire Tea

    Where do you live? Are you close to Buffalo? My parents are from WNY and I do love to go to Wegman's when I am in the area!
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    It is FREEZING here!

    I live near Mansfield Ohio, central part of the state! And it is cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Just thought I'd share

    I'd like to get one of those to teach my nieces' how to drive. They both are learning and I want my car to stay safe! LOL Looks like fun! :D
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    It is FREEZING here!

    So the coldest night of the year tonight and this will be warm compared to next week! It is 8F(-13C) and should be 0F(-17C) by dawn. Next Tuesday a low of -17F(-27C) Um, I think I need to fly to Florida immediately. Everyone stay safe and warm!!!!!!! 8)
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    Yorkshire Tea

    SO if anyone in the states wants Yorkshire tea, PM me and I can send it to you. World Market or TJ Maxx here usually has it and I am happy to spread the love and tea!!!! :D
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    Yorkshire Tea

    I like the Yorkshire Gold tea too! In the US TJ Maxx often carries it! I am a PG Tips girl too though! If I can wrestle the coffee out of my hand first! ;D
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    Happy Christmas All! Away from my laptop all day yesterday so first time I could check in! Best Wishes to so many friends!!! :reindeer: :reindeer: :santawink: :santahat: :santahat: :santahat: :santahat: :santahat: :merrychristmas: :xmasstree: :candle:
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    Wild weather

    Well, it has changed completely for us here. It has been a super cold and snowy winter so far and today it is 50 degrees and flooding due to the snow melting and rain coming tonight! I wanted a white Christmas :( Oh well, it is still Christmas and I choose to be happy! :santahat: :santahat...
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    Proud Grandmother

    That cake is so cute! Well done! And I love owls, they are so cute!(cartoon ones, real ones can be a bit scary looking!) :reindeer: :reindeer: :candle: :xmasstree: :santahat:
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    Doctor Who 50th anniversary today

    I was watching! Very good, although now I am confused if we have to change the numbers of all the doctors since Christopher Eccleston. Still love LOSTW more, but am a WHOVIAN too! :D