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Hi Boylo98,
I was just scrolling through my profile and came across your profile. I notice you are from Wymondham, as you probably know I am also from Wymondham. I notice that you are only a boy of now 26 so I probably do not know you unless you live next door. Glad to know I am not alone.
Just joined as I was looking for water fall location, which I found. I saw a photo from ‘getting Sam home’ which no one new location of. It is the car park behind Trevor Brays photography shop ( now Helen Bray ) and shared with Griffith’s plumbers now closed. The BBC used to hire the car park when filming to keep their vehicles and canteen bus.
Sorry for the gap from joining to introducing myself. Retired and reside in Herefordshire. Having served in the Forces, Probation, and Social Services. Now able to play golf again, so sanity is nearly safe!
Love all there is about last of the Summer Wine and have visited several times. Love to track all the Pubs used. Thanks for listening, and best wishes to all.
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Hi Mike, Welcome to Summer Wine. Great people in here and I'm sure you will get more welcome messages. I like your avatar, is that your doggy and if so what is his/her name. Bedtime for me now but I will be back tomorrow with a photo of our little pooch. :37: :37: :37: