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Hi Graham, my wife and I have decided we are not fussed about going to the Getting Sam Home screening on the Sunday night at 18.30, so we would be happy to dog sit for a couple of hours, we are staying at just a few hundred yards up Rotcher Road or if needs be with could drive over to Jackson Bridge and watch him/her there, though a free event we have already booked so you need not worry about that
Kind of regretting procrastinating yesterday now that I've got just a few hours to get a mountain of assignments done and no motivation to do any of it! Lol
Currently eating Takis and watching LOTSW on YouTube. It's blurry and the sound is bad but beggars can't be choosers. And I'm aware that there have been reports of Takis burning holes in people's stomachs but I'm obsessed with them right now! Lol