What’s your favorite season?

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"Right who's turn is it!" grumbled Compo, "Its yours my furry face friend" replied Blamire. " You would expect a free round of drinks after that revelation about Aggie Duckett but I believe that its a shame to kick a man when he's down, especially as he was going through the whole trouble to bet your Christmas present on the horses." chuckled Cleggy. "Gentlemen god rest ye while I go to the bar, in the mean time think about how we're gonna get him out of this one in time for Christmas Dinner" said Clegg somberly as he arose to get some beer in. Blamire gasped "your joking, he's made his bed let him lie in it," he paused,"on second thoughts that could be more terrifying than Aggie Duckett. It puts a whole new meaning to quatermass and the pit."" Give us a fag Shirley" winced Compo as Blamire reckoned to clip his ear. Cleggy returned with a smile beaming on his round red face, "I've got it" he exclaimed. " What? Distemper" laughed Compo." No my little flock, just listen to what this wise old shepherd has to say." Clegg replied reverently as he sat down tucking his mack under his thigh. "Aggie and Derrick are in the Tap Room, they are playing dom's for money. They have n't been home yet, they still have their shopping. Well don't you get it?" exasperated Cleggy. Compo looked at Blamire who shrugged his shoulders, " We challenge them to a dominoe match, take them to the cleaners, win the three bird roast, invitation cancelled" exhaled Cleggy as he had become ecstatic with his plan." There's one problem Norm" said Compo. " Pray tell Oh little dishevelled bundle of herringbone" inquired Blamire." Us three wise men are a crap team at dom's" scowled Compo." Ah!" interjected Cleggy," We have an Ace up our sleeve. Who is the premier dominoe league player and Yorkshire champion of all comers to Homlfirth and Morley Carr and is sitting in the snug?" " Wally Batty, good old Wally " smiled Compo."Is Nora with him" quizzed Compo."Fortunately not he is on the pidgeon fanciers Christmas Flight, they have just come in." replied Cleggy. The situation was revealed to Wally who was rather hesitant at first but with the offer of free pints of mild and a big cigar he said " Well if its to help a mate out, then go on, but promise me this don't let Nora find out." Blamire refilled the glasses and the foursome placed themselves at the table next to Aggie Duckett. " You fancy a game then luv" asked Compo, " Aye go on then Compo fives and three's and a little bet on the side" She cheekly said. They had been losing most of the afternoon and needed to resupply their coffers." It'll be me and my mate Wally ag'in you two, lets say a fiver a game as its Christmas." winked Compo to Blamire who apparently was the bank roll for this escapade. Aggie was reckoned to be a bit of a player so she laughed out " if you've got the money my friend slam 'em down" The room went quiet, so much so the landlord came in to see what was going on and Slade could be heard singing 'does your granny always tell ya,' on the juke box in the music room. The first hand went to Aggie and Wally implied "its thirsty work this Compo" " Aye get 'em in Norm we've a job on here" coughed Compo. Derrick took the next game as Blamire checked his wallet and Cleggy scratched his brow. " Tell thee what, lets make it a tenner a go" said Compo winking at Wally. Blamire gulped in his pint and tried to say something but was stopped by a jaw dropping exclamation from Aggie, " Oh big boys eh! Twenty it is, after all it is Christmas" as she nudged Derrick. "Ok by me Aggie what about you Wally" said Compo. Wally replied sounding a bit inebriated "go for it Compo I'm with you" with that he lit up his big cigar as he picked up his dom's. He half closed his eyes and winked at Compo. They slammed down three wins on the trot. It was obivious that Aggie was getting rattled now."Well we will have to be going, we've got the mince pies at 11 O'clock round at Sid and Ivey's" yawned Compo."You can't go yet " sneered Aggie. " you've no money left love whats the point" replied Compo very sympathetically. "Look we got this three bird roast against twenty quid if you could be so obligated" begged Aggie.For the first time in his life Compo had Aggie Duckett at the other end of the stick as memories of those play ground days came flooding back. " I'll tell you what" said Compo,"I'll give you Ten Quid for the birds and a fiver a piece for Christmas" gestured Compo with a twenty pound note. All eyes in the tap room were on Aggie and she sensed the willing for her to accept " Go on then Compo you got me beat" and leaned over the table to give him a sloppy kiss as she held her missletoe above his head. There was jeering and clapping as Blamire was dividing the money up to recoupe his bankroll and seven pound fifty each to the four of them and Wally picked up the birds. Then some one came in and shouted "its snowing" and everyone rushed out to see the snow falling. The Salvation Army was playing 'O come all ye faithfull' as Blamire put his hand on Compo's shoulder saying " Merry Christmas me old bundle of fluff" and shook Cleggs hand remarking how they had made it to another one. Compo said "hey up here comes Nora where's me missletoe" but he was too late she had spotted Walley who was trying to tell her he had three birds, to her exclamations of " I let you out and your chasing birds at your age, what have you done with these strange women, I suppose thats a surprise for tomorrow, well it'll be a fine Merry Christmas at our house, go on with yer"
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:37:I love it! Thank you. The bit where they are told that it is snowing and they go outside too look is a nice touch. I think a lot the Christmas episodes set at Christmas have this kind of scene, which is in keeping. It suits the warmth of the show.

I am now trying to picture exactly what Aggie Duckett would look like after all these years. I can still only picture her boots, for some reason. Lol

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I like the Christmassy episodes, they have a warm glow of yesteryear of what it was like for us up here in the north at Christmas. I must admit I felt a bit emotional when I wrote," Blamire put his hand on Compo's shoulder". Glad you liked it

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Wow, what a story! If only Roy Clarke had written a Blamire Christmas episode!
Yes it was he shame he never wrote a Christmas Episode for Blamire, but at that time I don't think the Christmas Episodes were the norm for the BBC. Then suddenly they decided to do a Christmas Episodes or specials for everything. Thanks for the like did you read both parts?


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Yes it was he shame he never wrote a Christmas Episode for Blamire, but at that time I don't think the Christmas Episodes were the norm for the BBC. Then suddenly they decided to do a Christmas Episodes or specials for everything. Thanks for the like did you read both parts?
I sure did. You were so good at writing this episode. Perhaps you could write some more and get the characters into situations you would have liked to see, not just Christmas.


Series 3 for me.

Foggy's introduction.

The two parter to Scarborough is my favourite episodes in the entire series, I love when Compo brings back a couple of birds for the guys. Clegg's reaction is hilarious.

Mending Stuart's Leg is a brilliant episode.

The Gordon Wedding episode is fantastic and funny.

The episode with Isometrics is funny too. Loved when they tried exercises in the Library, brilliant comedy.

The Kink in Foggy's Niblick is really funny too, loved how they had to finish Foggy's game with gaslight he took that long!

Series 3 for me is my favourite. Really love it, but I do wonder some of the scripts in this series was written for Blamire/Michael Bates, as some of the scripts does sound some of what Michael Bates says.

I think Series 4 is the first official Foggy season imo, where he makes his mark on the series.


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Very Hard to choose but for me it would be series 9, I prefer Seymour as the 3rd man, the reason being he really seemed to personally enjoy his working with the lads, I think the Foggy war stories went over the top at times and became quiet predictable, a bit like Truly and his former Mrs Truelove tales.
All that said there is nothing that has come close to the whole package over the years, the likes of we will never see again
I am also big on that era of Summer Wine. The absolute best series for me might have to be Series 8. I do find Series 8-11(and to be the peak of LOTSW. Then add "Return of the Warrior" to that list. For me, it isn't about Seymour, but because it is an era that combines the elements of the old Summer Wine; heavy focus on the trio, extended dialogue, etc. with the great additions to the cast; Wesley, Edie, Barry, and eventually Smiler.

Yes, Foggy's war stories and Truly's Mrs. Truelove comments became redundant but they are still my favorite 3rd men. Seymour is close behind though. I love all of the leaders.


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I rate the far too brief Blamire era at the top, followed closely by all of the Seymour seasons. The Truly seasons are a close third, despite the grief of Compo's death. Both of Foggy's seasons are a distant fourth, although the plots are funny. Hobbo's barmy fantasizing was too far out to be funny, although I enjoyed Alvin and Entwistle.