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captain clutterbuck

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That's where I first heard them Ferret . I was an avid Peel listener and I was absolutely stunned when I heard their very first session because JP in that famous Liverpool drawl announced " that was " and reeled off about ten song titles for a session that lasted a few minutes . I worked shifts and on nights the group of us had a tape/cd player and everyone got to play one album in rotation . We had many extremes when I put their first album [which was on cassette] the reaction was " What the !""£$% hell is that! " but no one was allowed to turn it off . The music choices as I say were so different one guy used to play Doris Day's greatest hits but can't recall on this occasion if he was next in line.

Peel also played sessions by Extreme Noise Terror and it was hard to discern any difference and I always wondered if it was just a nom de plume and they were the same band but clearly they weren't . A memory of Happy days :)


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I still have some of my Festive 50 cassettes that I taped every year on the build up to his Christmas show. I loved it when he received promo records and he would regularly play them at the wrong speed without anyone noticing:).

Inky Batty

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Are you an avid listener of Tony Blackburn's show on R2 on Saturday morning he plays all sorts of songs from this era including that one Inky.
No mate, I don't listen to the radio anywhere near as much as I used to.
I woke up the other day humming that tune and it took me a few minutes to work out what it was, then played it and it was as good as I remembered when I heard it as a kid.