The music thread

Hello Chuffer !!!!...
I was very lucky really...I used to mix in the same circles as Echo and The Bunnymen [my second favourite group !!!] and Teardrop Explodes
It was a wonderful time musically in Liverpool...Eric's used to have all the bands on,and there was a real energy to the scene.
I USED to know Ian and Will from The Bunny men very well,and have been in the company of the "flawed genius" a.k.a. Julian Cope many times !!!!.
Although Liverpool was in the middle of the drug epidemic [because the P.M. shut down all the customs offices at the port...HONEASTLY !!] the music galvanised the people......we didn't have much...but we had OUR BANDS and each other.
Some superb bands there MoodyBlue,you have been in some great company,I loved Echo and the Bunnymen when no one else round here had heard of them,I used to play Crocodile endlessly,without looking it up I seem to remember a track called Monkey that was a particular favourite,it’s so great that you knew them,and I used to buy the Teardrop albums too,we had good taste in those days.
In "Monkey" off "Crocodiles" "Mac in the mac" sang "MONKEY" BACKWARDS !!! the chorus "YEKNOM,TEKNOM" !!!!!...
Wow I never knew that Keith,I played the heck out of that album in 1980 when I was a mere 20 year old,when no one else had heard of them,and Monkeys was my favourite track,loved Teardrops Explodes too,when we went to see China Crisis recently Gary told us such a funny tale about when he went for an audition with Flock of Seagulls (he didn’t get the job) were they a Liverpool band too ? He was hilarious,I love Liverpool folk,you have such great taste in music and of course tv x
A huge favourite of mine to be honest I could fill pages with his songs . To me he was the composite lyricist he can rhyme pretty much anything all his songs needs a few listens to capture the essence of the lyrics but I have to give a huge shout out to Chaz Jankel because his music is an equal match to Ian's lyrics.

A cracking selection, I’ve been lucky enough to see the Bunnymen, Julian Cope, Siouxsie, BAD and Ian Dury live over the years. The other year I went to see the Blockheads ( without Ian) and they were excellent. Norman Watt Roy is a legend. One of my favourite Blockhead songs..
One I was going to add was Common as Muck I just love the lyrics .

You're not Bridget Bardot, I'm not Jack Palance.
I'm not Shirley Temple by any circumstance,
Or Fred Astaire

You're not Sidney Taffler, I'm not Dirk Bogarde.
I'm not very stylish, and you're not avant garde,
Or Lional Blair

We're as common as muck.
Bonne chance, viel glück, good luck
Where bold is beautiful, we don't give a damn
Luvva duck, we're as common as muck.
Captain...whilst reading your excellent [as usual !!!] post I thought to myself......"yer know what ?......I am as common as muck !!!!!"......the people I work with....drink with....laugh and cry the footy with......we are all "common little eggs in 1 mucky basket"...and yer know what my Geordie friend....I would not have it any other way !!!.
As Uncle Albert stated to Del and Rodney when discussing his childhood years living next to the docks...."they were rough people...BUT THEY WERE GOOD PEOPLE".
I tried once upon a time to learn guitar my local music store sold tuition videos [shows how long ago it was] and stupidly I bought the one by Brian Setzer two minutes in I just knew I'd never be guitarist , he was just a brilliant player I did persevere but the technique and riffs were way out of my league however, I still admire his playing though he did move on from Stray Cats and formed the big band which seemed an odd choice because for me it just didn't work a bit like one of my all time favourite blues players and really not well known Colin James .