The music thread

Dave King, vocalist.

Almost in disbelief when I listened between the two. Hadn't heard of Molly before (looking at the # views apparently the I was the only one) but drove around listening to a heat-damaged Fastway cassette in the car during teen years.
… another group from 45 years ago still touring/ making albums and sounding as good as ever.
My mother died recently and I found this book whilst we were clearing out her house, I never had her down as a heavy metal fan! I only just started reading. Written by Phil's mother Philomena she describes the terrible prejudice she endures as a white unmarried woman with a black child, both in Birmingham where Phil was born and in Dublin when she arrived home. Great read so far. IMG_20220703_103432.jpgScreenshot 2022-07-03 10.39.22 AM.png