Fun with Google Earth...


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I figured maybe I should put a thread like this in the "locations" section instead of the "photograph" section.

Anyways, I've been messing around with Google Earth and thought I'd share..


Anyone want some pizza?


Great view here! Would love some music right now, as long as there are no bad notes played!
Was the pizza shop also where Nora Batty was doing her first aid in Yorkshire Funny stuff???
You are correct, George! That was the episode that helped me out the most in finding this. Thanks to Truly, Clegg and Billy walking the hills above this place in the first few minutes of the episode.
The second picture is where Truly, Clegg and Billy walk up and meet Billy Ingleton dancing a jig, who also shows off the van/truck that has the malfunctioning organ in "A Musical Passing for a Miserable Muscroft". The yard that Billy shows off the van is of the house just off the picture to the left. They've totally renovated it all. Both locations are in Golcar.
A little challenge for you Claye.I wonder if you could find where Cleggy lived in the first few series.The best views were in Hail September Morn...,Full Steam Behind and A Small Tune on a Penny wassail.
I've already looked that one up on GoogleEarth. It's nestled between Daisy Lane Books and Bunkers Hill. Unfortunately, that's surrounded by mostly those back alleyways and a lot of bush and shrubbery. I DID however get a good shot of Clegg's second home, that is if I'm correct that it was on Back Lane and not Church Terrace.


Also a very nice view!
Two pictures on GoogleEarth from the location for "Roll On".



Next, a location from "The Pony Set" where the trio meet Mr. Lucy.


All three are in the town of Milnsbridge.
Here are three more pictures. They're all from the same episode. In fact in sequential order and all in the same segment.



The last three pictures were from "Nowhere in Particular" where Smiler and Compo (mostly Smiler) were pushing the pram. All in Marsden. Here are two GoogleEarth streetview pictures from "Aladdin Gets On Your Wick" when Smiler tries to sell some of Auntie Wainwright's stuff in costume. He gets a surprise answer at the door of a Chinese Takeaway.


Now from "Look Whose Wheel's Come Off"... This is the view where the trio and Howard sit as Hobbo tries to figure out what to do next, despite possible jealousy from Howard.


The grassy area at the top of the brick wall is where the trio and Howard were.


South Lane in Holmfirth, which was a surprise to me. I figured they were using New Mill and other areas in Hepworth.
Another GoogleEarth street view picture. I don't claim to actually be able to go to Holmfirth, New Mill, Marsden and Slaithwaithe and come up with wonderful pictures like Terry has (and we thank you for them!!!). I just use Google Streetview.

Now, with that disclaimer over with. I have another location from "Aladdin Gets on Your Wick".


This was dressed up as Compo's favorite place, the Betting Shop.
Three more location pictures, thanks to GoogleEarth..

Yet another location from "Roll On". This is where the trio go to the pub during their workout. On Ebson House Lane in New Mill.

The house at the end of the episode "A Clean Sweep" at White Ley Bank in New Mill.

Nora's Cousin Nellie's house from "The Self-Propelled Salad Strainer". Meltham Road in Marsden.