Eternal Laws of Summerwineland...

Spotted another eternal law! whenever an item rolls down a hill, ie sofa, bath, wardrobe etc it always steers itself following the turns in the road despite having no steering :D :D :D
Always wondered about that. If the item had the appearance of swaying downhill it might be halfway plausible. Nope. Straight shot down except for curves.
Marina lives in a bus?
I think that was Mrs Avery you're thinking of, and that was only for a few episodes then she moved to Compos old house. This was where Nora was fawning over Tom regularly and she was always trying to compete with Mrs A on the cleaning front. One of the very few examples of poor script plot from RC which was corrected pretty soon after.
It's a bit of fun. We bought 6 tickets but didn't win. I'm sure some would see it as a British excentricity & I'd have to agree.

There was one up in town yesterday but the river is quite tidal , the council spent a fortune years ago installing a sluice gate that worked once so the river is small but very volatile in terms of the depth so timing of the race was somewhat speculative . The winner was on show at the pub that organised it last night with a little medal on a ribbon around its neck , the also rans were in two buckets at the front door when we went in :(
Buns not on catering establishments must be baked in full proprietary lest they be forever indignified with the moniker of 'unmarried buns' even if they are in a tin of seeming respectability such as one bearing the insignia of St James Palace. (you prawn)
Hope you're well Robin and enjoyed the 50th Anniversary celebrations! I'm hoping we can get something organised on a much smaller scale again next year if you'd be interested in coming again!