Eternal Laws of Summerwineland...


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Enjoying watching the series from start to finish again, I'm fascinated by the reoccurring themes throughout the entire series - it's so predictable but no less funny!

To name but a few;

It doesn't matter where in the remote countryside Howard & Marina hideout, either the trio or the ladies always cross their path

Despite Nora knowing Compos intentions she still falls for his tricks to get her close everytime and never seems to learn, such as him crying saying something's in his eye etc

When Howard & Marina invariably get caught after they've 'cracked it this time' they remain undeterred to try something different the following week....

Have you spotted any other 'laws of physics' that only apply in Summerwineland???
1. If there is a coffin "on view" or a funeral, a ferret will invariably be introduced and let loose by Compo.
2. The trio were always dressed with a coat and tie. Even Compo always had sort of a tie or kerchief.
3. The police officers (those two) never did any police work.
4. No matter what restaurant that Howard and Marina went to, and no matter how remote it was; Pearl and others would end up at the same restaurant.