Eternal Laws of Summerwineland...


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Open back trucks are usually reliable.
Vans often have something wrong with them.
Unless you happened to have finished celebrating your anniversary at a pub and then are put in a trash bin to dry out, come to find out that the trash truck (lorrie) has just paid a call. What to do? Just stand up and sing!


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On a side note, Wesley's rock music seems to have been done just for him. Name that music Apps do not recognise it.
I always thought the rock music he plays at full volume to be out of character for Wesley somehow. perhaps just over convenient to explain how he wouldn't notice things fall out the back etc. You're a car buff Graham, I'm guessing a Land Rover of that age wouldn't have even had a radio?

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Open back trucks are usually reliable.
Vans usually have something wrong with them.

Yes, Ronnie Hazlehurst created the music that was supposed to represent rock music - without it sounding too much like rock music, if you see what I mean.

Given the show was about older , less mobile people can we term it Crock Rock.