Documentaries about Summer Wine

Apologies I picked incorrect thread that Chuffer posted, it's the New Mill and Ernie Burniston Bench thread where it also features Chuffers photograph of a bench that remains in situ, the one you filmed and posted .
Did you do Thumpy Dub
Or stand on the parapet in a Robe with a staff being told to jump in?
No, but I was sorely tempted to throw the laptop in the lake.

Friday went broadly according to plan.
I planned to film in Sands recreation area on the bridge Saturday morning with petedk42, anticipating there would just be a few dog-walkers and not too many children in the play area at 8:30am. Then people turned up with traffic cones and signs directing cars to use the sports field as a carpark for, as probably everyone but me knew, the F-food F-festival. So much for my planning.
The aforementioned laptop (being used as teleprompter) decided to crash and while I was going through the familiarly frustrating restart sequence, someone parked in the spot I was going to stand in.
Did you know there is more than one "Intake Lane" in the area? Google Maps doesn't know. "Our" Intake Lane is on the map but is ignored in Google travel directions. I have no sense of direction and rely on the satnav. I input "Intake Lane" and arrived at a different one, 10 miles away.
However, we did get to film at some more iconic locations, as well as Meal Hill House.
Still more to do ... when time and resources permit.

Photo: petedk42, in a Spielberg moment.
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Well, this isn't good. That is a photo of a micro SD memory card, from a video camera. It holds about 3 hours of HD quality video. (5p piece for scale). Well, it did hold about 3 hours of video... :fp: Fortunately I'm quite organised and had already copied the data on to a laptop and an external hard drive! :cool:
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Perhaps you should provide an explanation of tiddlywinks for our non-UK friends, I don't want them thinking I was doing something dodgy or illegal.

Too late, all the memories have leaked out.
Good point, I thought tiddlywinks was universal throughout the world, would any of our overseas members clarify if you know what tiddlywinks is?