Yorkshire tea.. red / gold / other?


The Coder
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I have used Russian Caravan for many decades as my favourite tea. I find it so refreshing and enjoyable, far more so than any other tea.
Lapsang Souchong is much more of a smokey tea, and I will only get it out on special occassions. It does have a very distinctive taste.
I am very glad you have enjoyed your initiation to Russian Caravan.
So that is what the 'Tony tax' is that appears on my invoice.... :giggle2:

Given your Avatar, "Tony" Tax is an analogy which refers to a well known breakfast cereal , cited by the phrase "They're Greaaaaaat! " .What else do you expect seeking advice about Tea and you enter the lair of the CAT[ Cornishman After Tax ] creature !! :eek: