Yorkshire tea.. red / gold / other?


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It is getting near time for me to order up some more tea. Got a few inches left in my 250 g / 8.8 oz bag. The last two that I got were Yorkshire tea Taylors of Harrogate in both Red and Gold blends and enjoyed them both. Do any of you have some suggestions on what else to get? I figure LotSW British tea drinking fans should be the best source to ask. :)

When I order from overseas I usually go for loose leaf since ya get more. At the local store I might by it in a box of individual bags since that is what they mostly sell where I go for groceries. Your advice will be welcome.

Hello Rick,

I referred to UK publication Which Magazine when I chose tea . In their words there are 4 pyramid mesh bag brews which score highly but they are fiendishly expensive per cup . They recommend two English supermarket blends after testers recommended highly . They were
Morrisons M English Breakfast and Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference English Breakfast (Fairtrade) but not sure if you could order them . Both are £2 but you get 100 with Morrisons and 80 bags for Sainsburys . The Sainsburys loose leaf is £1.50 for 125 gramms , Morrisons don't make loose leaf in that brand.


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Every woman every man
Drink Russian Caravan
(Stand up) stand up
Stand up
Everybody take a stand
Drink Russian Caravan
(Stand up) stand up
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Also secretly drunk in the House by Martin :08:


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Thanks guys! I have not heard of those teas before. Looking forward to trying some.

When I finally make it over to England will I be shunned for drinking my tea like I do my coffee -- straight, with nothing added to it? I may happily put some alcohol in there some times. Most people I know put enough milk and sugar in theirs to make it look the color of hot chocolate. I promise I don't slurp like Compo. :eek:
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I always have cream (milk) in my black tea. On Inspector Morse, when they are offered tea, the choice is always China or India. Is there that big of a difference?


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I'm PG Tips gal meself, I show the milk jug to the cup, always in bone China, anything else and I feel like builder and have urges to scratch places an English woman shouldn't scratch in public and no offence but I've seen how many Americans make tea and I usually throw the remote at the telly in disgust.
Captain? I love your songs lol


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There is only one REAL tea, as Terry will confirm, and that is Russian Caravan.
Or where I get mine from:

p.s. I know that Terry secretly drinks this behind closed doors so as not to upset the neigbours :46:
I can no longer do this as the newspapers and TV news are closing in, they want to a story about Russian collaboration, I have sent them round to yours Tony
Green or black
Smoked or natural
I'm teatotal and have made tea my luxury indulgence. I buy various teas and enjoy experimenting with the flavours.
Good green teas must not have any additions as do smoked teas (Lapsang Souchong springs to mind).

p.s. I play around with coffee beans as well :13:

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You do come up with some clever ditty now and again, captain.

Pearl, any relation to Hyacinth Bucket -(pronounced bouquet) ? Another Roy Clarke classic. ;)


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Wow, cornishman I do thank you for the recommendation of Russian Caravan tea. It just came in today. As soon as I opened the pack the aroma of smokey goodness was palpable. The smell is like standing near a barbecue pit and I mean that in every possible good way. No worries of the smoke stinging your eyes if the wind changes direction, haha.

I just had to brew up. The taste is every bit as good as the aroma. I had no idea tea could be like this. If only this also came as a nice single malt.. :coffee: I plan to order up some Lapsang Souchong when supplies get low since you say it is also smokey.