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I watched an episode of All Creatures Great and Small ( the original series) yesterday and who should make an appearance but Wesley Pegden
Did one else see it?
As we used to say in these parts " old age and poverty is catching up "! What programme did he appear as a bus passenger ?? Was it a Summer Wine ??:confused2::3x:
Yes, he played a pig farmer! Joe Gladwin is in an episode as well, I'm not sure if it's the same season but he is right at the beginning of the episode that he is in. Such a recognizable voice.
I like the 'young Harold' and 'young Walter' parts in your clips, Graham. Makes me think of 'young Mr. Grace' from Are You Being Served?
Interesting parallel between Young Mr Grace & Wesley is neither actor who played them had a career on the stage, the former was an architect and as we know the latter was a painter decorator, they both went from Amdram to full time acting nearing retirement!
Sorry, @Barrychuckle a bit of a misunderstanding possibly. I was referring to the videos that Graham had posted, not our Wesley of Last of the Summer Wine.

In the commercials when Joe Gladwin mentions his 'younger' helper I thought someone who would be much younger and/or junior is about to come on screen. The play on words I find humorous at times. Such as with when 'young' Mr. Grace is introduced to come on screen in Are You Being Served? and the older than expected gentleman Mr. Grace appears. Plus he is the youngest of the Grace brothers and trying to imagine all the brothers together.

What can I say?.. simple minds are easily amused. At least mine can be. :21:
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