Survivors... Still around. :)


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I think I've asked before, but cant find it.

So - out of the 'regular' characters (say 5 episodes or more) - how many are still alive.
Just looking through IMDB and there seems a few, but some are real rellics these days!

Also many episodes on IMDB some of the reviews leave a lot to be desired... if you have nothing nice to say!!!!
So difficult because they are mostly no longer in the public eye , most have retired and sadly you only hear anything about them when their death is announced in the paper . Looking at the list I believe those still alive are [but could be wrong] :-
Robert Fyfe [93 years young]
Juliette Kaplan
Jean Ferguson
Sarah Thomas
Mike Grady
Ken Kitson
Tom Owen
Brian Murphy[ a sprightly 86]
Jo Tewson [a sprightly 87 and once married to Leonard Rossiter]
Louis Emerick[still pops up on TV in various shows]
Christopher Beeny
Jonathan Linsley[Hoping he is fully recovered now]
Barbara Young
Russ Abbot
Julie T Wallace
Dennis Mawn
Robin Banks
David Williams [I believe he is still alive last acting credit was 2016 but could have retired]
Michael Wardle

I can find nothing for Len Fox who was a Villager in Five episodes

The strangest is Keith Clifford I think he is alive but when you look him up there is an obituary for a Keith Clifford in the Edinburgh News which two people have commented on him being enjoyed as Billy in LOTSW but I imagine that the two people could have been mistaken and added in error plus as a Yorkshire born and bred guy why would he end his days in some remote Scottish town of Bonnyrigg nr Edinburgh
I know its intrusive but for those cast members who don't remain in the public eye by performing you just wish you could get the odd update on how they are , you just hope after entertaining us they are well and are enjoying a well earned retirement.
I have read that page so many times Rod but I would love to know , post retirement, "where they are now" for those who are still alive just to know they are well and either being well looked after or indeed looking after themselves