Summer Wine Decanted

Nice picture. I'm glad the proprietor of Nora Batty's house has been able to make a good go with the holiday lets. I'm not very entrepreneurial so if I ever owned it the best I could do is charge people to stand outside while I toss dishwater on their heads. A second splash for half price : )
Leigh, seeing that picture of you reminds me of a concern I have with with your "stick". I have noticed it particularly in your videos, and that is it appears too short for you. It may be exactly how you want it, but it appears too short and awkward.

This is not a criticism, I am just pointing out a welfare concern that is probably none of my business. ^^>:

When I was looking after my late mother, who needed a walking aid, I was taught that the correct way to get the right height was to stand up straight (or as close as you can) with your hands down by your side. The handle of the stick should be at the height of the first crease of your wrist.
i.e. where your arm connects to your hand.
Thanks Brian. I have just used your "guide" to gauge the length of my stick - according to you, it's about half-an-inch short. The adjustment notches are about an inch apart. However it seems "right" for me. When I occasionally use it in my right hand - on stairs when I'm holding the handrail on my left - it is too short; I'm left handed and everything on the left is a bit bigger / longer!

I know I don't stand up straight, this was among the things I needed to remember "on camera" along with a hundred other things! So I hoped using the stick would help... also I don't need it all the time, but I usually had it for continuity purposes - and I never know when one of my knees is going to turn to jelly.

I bought an SUV, cos it's easier to get in/out of as you can just sit from a standing position - getting in/out of my Ford Focus was becoming awkward. Peter has a Honda, that's practically like sitting on the floor!
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I can relate to the collapsing knees Leigh. I wrecked my right one when I was Young Dumb & Bulletproof. Didn't come back to haunt me until later years :confused:. (Like a lot of bodily aches and pains these days). My left one is just old! Either one of them can give way at any time, usually just a little "unlocking" type thing. I don't need any walking assistance at the moment but I can foresee a time when it may become necessary.

Funnily enough I have a Honda! LOL My problem isn't so much the height but the twisting on my right leg necessary to get out of the damn thing, especially in a tight parking spot. {For those who drive on the incorrect ie. RIGHT side of the road (THAT will cause a stir!!! :p) remember that we civilised people have the driver's side on the right. :fp:} Not peculiar just to Hondas....basically any sedan these days.
I would love to see the episode (Getting Sam Home) but I can't find it anywhere. I checked Youtube and no go, Freevee, which is an Amazon app, had some of the Christmas specials, but don't have that one. I have another app called Wey'd I haven't checked yet, but if it's not on there, I guess I'm done? Would anybody know where I could watch it? I have a very good VPN, so I can get around any geo restrictions. Thank you!
On the subject of lost episodes, I've somehow misplaced my series 25 DVD so am missing the second half of that season from An Apple a Day to the end of that series. Does anyone know of any other links for them, they were on DM but have now gone?
It is great Terry and thanks for posting the links, I really enjoyed watching this. I was surprised to see Lynda (nurse Gladys) Baron in it. Again Ta!
How great it would be after all these years to find at least one episode you have never seen
It is great Terry and thanks Rick for posting the links, I really enjoyed watching this. I was surprised to see Lynda (nurse Gladys) Baron in it. Again Ta!
Thank you as ever good old Terry comes to the rescue with his kindness. To be fair it is only a video of him dressing up and a few of his mops with hats on reenacting the episodes but it's a very welcome substitute :)