Summer Wine Decanted

Another awesome episode! I would have watched it earlier, but for some reason, I couldn't get it to play on my phone while I was on my way to Florida, but now that I'm in the hotel and connected to WiFi, it works just fine so it must have been an issue with my phone's data. It's really cool to learn about all the pubs from the show and what happened to them and all the history! You guys did a really awesome job explaining all of that!
The demise of the Monkey was sad the landlord's son had real issues he was into art, before it officially closed basically the interior and exterior were daubed with supposed art but it was closer to graffiti . Chuffer and I when we knew the pub was going had designs on getting souvenirs particularly the lamps that adorned the doorway in seen in many episodes but sadly the demolition was that swift Chuffer turned up to find the pile of rubble Leigh witnessed in the documentary :( Thank you both for another great insight into LOTSW world it is very much appreciated.
Sounds good to me, make it three. :)

Awesome idea! I'd listen to it. A weekly or twice monthly podcast session. :21:

"Summer Wine Drops" , "Drops of Summer Wine" or "Decanting Summer Wine". ... Need help with more ideas.

"A Splash of Summer Wine", "Barmpots and others I've cared about" "3 men and more than a Mangle" "Wining and moaning."

... you all just want to keep in here in my office recording and editing!!
I have looked a self-publishing, it's "relatively" easy!
I suspect everyone has heard enough of me talking - at least you will have after seeing the "last" episode - more about that later ...