R1 DVD Vintage Extras


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The complete box set has all the Christmas specials along with the original episodes, but appears to be lacking a few extras / specials that are on the R1 "Vintage" DVDs. Which is a shame because I think they really should have been included to complete the package. The 30 Years of Last of the Summer Wine is an excellent synopsis of the show. Roy's interview gives nice insight to the Summer Wine world.

Such as -
Vintage 1995 - 30 Years of Last of the Summer Wine, some biographies as well as an interview with Bill Owen.
* side note, the 30 Years... is an update version to the earlier release of 25 Years....

Vintage 1976 - Interviews with Brian Wilde, Peter Sallis and Frank Thornton.

Vintage 1977 - Interview with creator / writer Roy Clarke.

The Vintage discs contain the Christmas specials that are also included in the complete box set. All this info is from the wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Last_of_the_Summer_Wine_home_video_releases . It does not seem that these extras were released on region 2 or others.

If you have not seen them or are an episode collector completion-ist then I highly suggest seeking these 3 discs out. Got mine on ebay. Not sure if R2 players handle R1 discs, there are workarounds.

Here is a small image of the discs in question on the wiki.
LotSW R1 DVD Extras Specials.png


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I found it a bit odd they only had these Extras on the R1 DVD's only as well.
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@Barrychuckle I always enjoy Howard's escapades.

@RickAns There is the same issue with Keeping Up Appearances too. Different bonus features on R1 DVD and not others.


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It might be possible that the Extras for the U.S. customers are there to help bring us 'up to speed' on a show you in the U.K. would already be familiar with. I am glad we have them but also think you all would enjoy them as well. Adds another dimension to shows / characters we enjoy.