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I have a new pet hate and am grinding my teeth over it !It is for the seal strips around the necks of loaves of bread Lately all I seem to get are the two ends stuck tightly together or they have another piece stuck between them and have to be picked apart .By the time I sort it out my temper is frayed and so are the ends of the seal strips.:20::02:

Depends where the seal is on the opening end of the bag but you could use scissors to cut the end off the bag just below the seal then when you take even just a slice out there should be enough to gather up and tie off with a twist seal or even just fold the end over and stand the loaf up with that end face down so it does not go dry .

:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: Oh no Pearl has hijacked my post " Dick what you doing with scissors !! Think what you are doing, use your Loaf man! "