Last appearance of Entwistle and Alvin?


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I came across this skit that aired apparently in 2010 where Burt Kwouk and Brian Murphy reprise their roles. I'm guessing it was filmed after the final series and as such represents their final appearance in their LOTSW roles.

The Bill - Harry Hill & Paul O'Grady: The Bill for the Summer Wine - YouTube

I'm sure some of you saw it at the time but I thought it was interesting and funny.


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I thought you were serious at first. Watching that makes me think that it would have been nice if they made a new show with Burt and Brian (plus any others) with a Still Game like vibe. Maybe they would of done a relocate to Huddersfield or Hull or someplace.

Was the perspective off to you? Or maybe youtube was being wonky for me. It seemed like they took a 16:9 video and scrunched to 4:3. I know it was for comedy effect but aren't those scooters electric? So they can be used indoors. Yet they sounded like an under powered two stroke chainsaw. :29:

captain clutterbuck

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The vehicles are electric mobility scooters and can be used indoors and out . Think they dubbed the sound on perhaps? Some of them are really rapid quite capable of seriously injuring you if they run into you . Funniest sight I ever saw, but I have seen a few times, were three of them parked diagonally in line outside a Pub and I thought to myself , should I go in an see who owned them to see if it was three elderly friends who are on a day out and have stopped for a jar or two . In the UK it appears drink drive laws are excluded for Mobility Scooters which given the damage they can inflict was a worry but there is an old law about being drunk in charge of a carriage that someone was prosecuted under .