Illness is the Series

Philosopher Clegg

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I can't remember the episode but Compo rang Nora's bell and laid on the stairs. Nora thought that Compo was dead at first.....funny stuff. Of course he conned Nora, using her sense of sympathy, to let him in and then he was running out with Nora and a brush behind him.
By coincidence I watched that the other day, it's at the start of Stop That Bath.


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Howard seemed to be off colour quite a bit according to Pearl.He was a martyr to flatulence,bunged up nose and bowels and im sure there were a few more.He also "Had a leg up for Xmas" when it was in plaster after Foggy had him vaulting over a wall which,of course,went predictably wrong(for Howard) ;D


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Cleggy was not happy just living next door and not even married, I am sure that I would never have lasted under Pearl's control; actually Pearl's control would not have lasted :D :D ::) ::) :-X :-X


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Pearl knew how to look after sick people she had the same ethos has me " Suck it up Nancy, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" There's no time to waste lingering about pampering to illness.

It must work because they all lived to be a ripe old age. :respect: