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Yes, looks like the chippy to the right. It has an entrance and an exit... always busy. I had a pint sat outside the pub on the left and watched the world go by and chatted to the locals. Interesting little house next door to it with an inscription above the door. Built in 1668. Looking back at these photos has made me want to go back ASAP!!!6498FC00-B736-4668-8B61-901422A56806.jpegEF88A9B0-F6E2-4F11-9F3B-5BE6473EEEB4.jpeg

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Thanks Ferret , me too really enjoyed going around that region , the only thing with Bus trips you get limited time at each place as they want you back to the selected Hotel so you spend money with them as the holidays were an unbelievably low cost but drinks in Hotel are expensive but that didn't really bother me all part of the Holiday a gargle in the Hotel . The Driver is of course covered by his Tachometer and so all the breaks etc are guided by the time he can drive .