Filming location

The area in question is the one you have marked in yellow it features in lots of episodes but I think of it as a very special place with wonderful views. We used to live at Far Mount Farm for 15 years and watched filming on many occasions. I often met old cars on our driveway and particularly remember meeting a coffin being pulled up the road. We used to get many fans of the program visiting the locations and enjoying the views. We were once advised that it may be possible to get planning one day in the future especially if you were to propose an experimental “eco” type building set into the hillside but we never tried.
Brilliant post Chuffer not only for Barry but for anyone thinking of visiting on a pilgrimage to our beloved show. Thank you for posting.
Thanks so much captain,I often think of fans of our show that go to all the famous places in Holmfirth just a ten minute drive away from some of these beautiful and familiar areas,not knowing that they are so close.
@Douglas Enwright

Thank ever so much Chuffer for your really kind and detailed message, I have looked quite extensively on Google maps and got that impression you can't even view Scaly Gate on there so that said to me the GoogleMaps car couldn't get down there!

I'm fairly used to these sorts of roads living in rural Shropshire, so am aware of the perils of unadopted bridleways :)

I would consider putting in an offer on the land, but running my own business know the importance of detailed due diligence hence the visit. I have a fairly rugged Land Rover on order so that may be a good place to try it out!!!!!

But once again thank you for being so considerate you're a credit to the forum Chuffer!
Thank you so much Barry that’s very kind,good luck with your visit if you go,and any future endeavours,the Land Rover would be ideal,on my last walk down Scaley Gate past the hill two of them went past me without any difficulty.
@Douglas Enwright Thanks for directions and tips Chuffer, you weren't wrong about the state of the roads!!!!

I drive a 4 wheel drive Audi and I had to abandon the journey as it was becoming like driving on the surface of the moon down Hirst Lane. But absolutely stunning part of the world and the view are to die for. You're so lucky living nearby :)
Not sure what you'd DO with it, other than park your chip van there and catch the late night car trade.

Can anyone identify which episodes and which scenes this has been in?
Thats a good question, can anyone name the episodes it appeared in, I've tried finding it in the Pilot episode but couldn't see it?
Graham, is that the episode where Foggy then gets the idea to turn Compo into the mystery bike rider in an attempt to help Compo impress Norah?
Was it used in Keeping Britain Tidy, where they finally roll the car over in the end? By the way, wasn't that Lugg from Campion in that episode?
But Mr Summer Wine Land reckons the land in question appears in the first episode in 1973 (whether he means The Pilot Episode or Series 1 Episode 1 I do not know) and the final episode in 2010.

And presumably some other episodes in between that...
I think I'm correct but you could photoshop Howard and Marina coming up there with a bench and walking down with the charred remains or Entwistle dressed as Sage sitting on the uncomfortable looking Foliage perhaps not in that exact spot but certainly on that track so in our beloved show its an iconic area so thanks Barry for photographs .