Continuity errors and mistakes


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Apart from the obvious mistakes, like Ivy's kitchen window, has anyone ever noticed any other mistakes or continuity errors in any Summer Wine episode. I know there was a scene with Edie and Wesley where Wesley is leaning on a newspaper on the kitchen table. One minute it is there, and the next minutes it has gone. I find it is interesting to note the errors and mistakes in a show. Anyone know of any more?

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There are so many but for the Secret Birthday of Norman Clegg , Truly and he set off from his House in Hill Street Jackson Bridge walking along it to catch the bus , in the next shot where they met Ivy at the Bus Stop they are actually near to Edie and Wesley's House on Dobb Lane in Holmbridge which is over three miles away , about 12 minutes in a car, so given their age it would have taken hours even if they could have made it , long way for a bite of lunch and a beer!


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I don't think we can really count these changes of location as continuity errors, as the Summer Wine town is an amalgam of Holmfirth, Jackson Bridge, Holmbridge/Hinchliffe Mill, Marsden, Slaithwaite and lots of other places. The one that always amuses me though is when the trio are chasing Howard dressed as Santa in "CRUMS" - one minute they are in East Street, Jackson Bridge and then, hey presto they are in the lanes behind the church in Holmfirth!


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In the early episodes I must have counted at least 1/2 dozen times where the microphone is showing at the top of the cafe shots. Either that or Leo Sayer is hanging upside down from the ceiling.


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I was watching the filming one day, at Nora's house and the cameraman was pointing out to Alan Bell that the lighting was reflecting in Nora's door, Alan replied don't worry about it, it shows we had enough money in the budget to afford lights

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Leo Sayer is hanging upside down from the ceiling.
Ivy, There's an enormous crowd of people in here
and they're all after my egg and chips
I wish they would tear down the walls of this Cafe
and let me out , let me out!

Oh I've been so blind , yeh
I've wasted time , wasted , wasted so much time
Walking on the walls , high walls , yeh
Now the Beeb won't let the show go on ! :confused: