Classic bags of Crisps that are no more

Brannigans roast beef and mustard in the brown paper bag !!!!.....they were a thing of beauty !!!!.....proper crisps which were that strong they took the lining off the roof of your mouth......AND Worcester Sauce flavoured Twiglets !!!!!...mega strong and full of flavour !!!!.
I absolutely loved those crisps. Mega delicious. I haven't seen them for years. Bought mine from Tesco.
Wow. That was a blast from the past.
Cheers Moodyblue.
Appears Walkers crisps was established in 1948 and the company has grown year on year to the point it now produces 11 million bags a day . I don't know if anyone has eaten them recently but if you have you may well realise that to increase to that level of production they have had to move to using 8 potatoes instead of 7 :)