Can you name an episode where???


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Can you name an episode where another country or town/city other than the UK is mentioned. List the episode and who said it, I'm sure there are quite a few....
Bangladesh mentioned in The Waist Land. COMPO... This is where they come to get slim. CLEGG... Well, it's nearer than Bangladesh.
I can't remember the episodes but
Compo asks how far it is to New Zealand.
Smiler says his Frank is in New Zealand. (I think that what his name was).
Aunty Wainwright in the same scene says she is a lot closer than New Zealand.
Howard mentions Pearl's sister is in New Zealand.
Seymour mentions Ukraine in the cafe in Dried Dates And Codfanglers and an earlier episode I can't recall off hand. Interesting that his coat of arms of the looks like the Ukrainian flag upside down if anyone has noticed.

It was in the Heavily Reinforced Bottom. Seymour was referring to the cook at his school. He used to show her his pudding plate and she used to name something that sounded like a railway station.