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    money supermarket advert

    I absolutely hate this advert and keep wishing that bloke would trip and fall.I know it aint gonna happen but I wish any way lol Hector
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    Give us a lift

    Terry, That's a nice screen grab of Compo and the chair. Much better than my own setup which can be quite pixelated sometimes. I tend to enjoy these type of things and if something catches my attention while watching an episode then I would go back and have a closer look. It never spoils my...
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    Give us a lift

    While watching the episode again today and particularly the part were compo gets thrown off the back of the land rover I happened to notice something.When I paused the dvd just after the chair on the back of the land rover goes vertical and the stuntman rolls off I could see Compo/Bill Owen...
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    What Do we think

    Funnily enough I happened to look at this scene just the other day and im convinced its a double.As others have mentioned the double is usually seen looking downwards and hiding his face as much as possible.I believe he also wears his hat pulled down much lower than compos. I think a good...
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    I am another who didn't care for Seymour and even though I had the Dvd;s in my collection,i wouldn't watch them.I think it took me quite a while to start and enjoy Seymour but then I quickly realised that some of his episodes can be listed as some of the very best in the whole programme...
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    Spotted this

    I noticed ,"In the service of humanity" when Foggy has just put on his red cross vest and is straightening it out,the shadow of the boom mike can be seen on the back wall of the café Hector
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    Odd use of a Foggy double in "The Black Widow"

    The dance looks awkward and out of step just after Foggy is picked up which adds to the comedic effect.If Brian had slipped and fallen and twisted an ankle or broke his wrist this would have caused problems with shooting the rest of the series.It may even have needed a rewrite and so on so the...
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    Odd use of a Foggy double in "The Black Widow"

    dance looks awkward and out of step just after Foggy is picked
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    Continuity error in "That Certain Smile"

    I noticed one in the Man from Oswestry a few weeks ago.When Foggys bus first arrives the ground is absolutely soaking wet and I think it may also be raining.The next scene shows the ground fairly dry then wet again,etc. I think we all know about the two in Three men and a mangle.The rope is...
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    A Howard Question

    More likely one of Howards lame excuses ;D Hector
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    Best Stunts

    I still laugh at Foggy/stuntman on those steps in the bus station, great stuff.The other two is when the go-kart thing trundles over the top of the parked police car in Give us a lift and when the boat collides with the ladder and Foggy and Clegg end up in the water. I would love to know how...
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    Whats the episode #10

    It all began with an old Volvo head lamp Hector
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    Illness is the Series

    Howard seemed to be off colour quite a bit according to Pearl.He was a martyr to flatulence,bunged up nose and bowels and im sure there were a few more.He also "Had a leg up for Xmas" when it was in plaster after Foggy had him vaulting over a wall which,of course,went predictably wrong(for...
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    Whats the episode #10

    Aladdin gets on your wick....Aladdin..genie...lamp? ;D Hector
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    Still open all hours

    I have just watched this on the BBC's main site and I really enjoyed it.I particularly liked the scenes with Granville/Johnny Vegas and thought Maggie Ollerenshaw was wonderful as well.I would definitely like to see this turn into a series with hopefully Mavis and Wet Eric given plenty of screen...