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    When SW became David Attenborough

    I thought the same. Kept trying to find it in various ways.
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    Picture test

    The same as Brian but not a problem
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    New Book

    I got my book/magazine on Wednesday. I have flicked through it so far and pleased to say there are many new photographs and a lot of information I have not seen or read anywhere else. Well worth adding to your collection. Received in good condition.
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    Road works

    I see they have Road Works shown on the Holmfirth Cam. Do you think Ely is down there somewhere?
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    Which character in SW would you marry?

    Poor old Ivy hasn`t had a mention yet. Free Tea and sticky Buns.
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    Reg Numbers #44

    One of the episodes in Last of the Summer Wine:08: Best I can do.
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    Reg Numbers #42

    Weslely`s motor in Gough`s wedding Anniversary?
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    Reg Numbers #7

    I have a notice line in orange to say that I am ignoring this content by this member.
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    Reg Numbers #7

    How and why have got a notice saying that am ignoring content from Barry?
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    Reg Numbers #7

    Was it the Hearse that Tom & Smiler had
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    Wesleys Motor

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    Calendar Post and Competition.

    No problem I haven`t got one of those Thanks any way
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    Wesleys Motor

    Too late gone
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    Wesleys Motor

    Be Quick and see Wesleys new motor on Holmfirth Web Cam
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    Calendar Post and Competition.

    I am not sure what the Last of the Summer Wine Forever group is?