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    Saluting Dad's Army

    Nice to see the enthusiasm, but as you say, hurts the eyes!
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    Shopping. Now, which one shall I buy?

    Me, I'm still a Johnson's baby :cool:
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    Shopping. Now, which one shall I buy?

    The big one or the smaller?
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    COVID Vaccine.

    I hope the nurse is not a secret LOTSW fan and recognises me here! I dread to think how painful my next injection would be :33: On another note, I am now experiencing the side effects I was warned of. I am feeling "a little under the weather", and have a little soreness around the injection...
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    COVID Vaccine.

    More like Colonel Klebb in From Russia With Love! o_O
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    COVID Vaccine.

    Had mine this afternoon. Nurse Practitioner turned up on the doorstep, told me to roll up my sleeve, all over in less than two minutes. Had the AstraZeneca vaccine. Painless with no side effects at all (yet!).
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    The music thread

    You're all making me want to root out my Temperance Seven 78's
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    Hello from Chris B

    Warm welcome to you friend.
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    What shop

    I recognise it, but all I can remember is that it's a Foggy episode :rolleyes:
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    Wierd M$ Effect

    A software engineer friend of mine sent me this piccy that was originally sent to him yesterday by one of his customers. Apparently all the workstations at the customers site were displaying microsoft logo's as an upside down mirror image. Wierd!
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    Cluster Headaches

    Does anybody else on here suffer from "Cluster Headaches"? If you don't know what I'm talking about do a google for Cluster headaches or visit HERE. I suffer from what are called "Episodal Cluster Headaches" meaning every year, for a period of about three months they spontaneously occur...
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    you said it bud! :rolleyes:
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    And a very warm welcome friend :01:
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    Main, front page possible glitch

    Well, it was the longest running sitcom :D