You ain't seen me before


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Hello there, I just wanted to let you know that apart from Mum, Dad, and Jack, I also live here. I thought that I would try and get a word in edgeways while everybody else is asleep. My name is Joey and I turned up here in the back garden very hungry and very thirsty. These people took me in and gave me a drink and something to eat before dashing off out to buy me a new cage. That was eleven years ago this August. Hey, you there chappy, I think your name is Captain, have you really got a parrot?


captain clutterbuck

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I don't because I'm always at Sea but my closest Buccaneer does . Its the vein of his life he was gifted it by another "harty" because he was moving abroad . He's very chatty [the Parrot that is] but his owner had taught him to him to whistle/squawk the theme to the Addams Family Show which is so funny but not at 1 a clock in the morning plus he throws fruit and nuts all over and my Buccaneer never has a dustpan and brush out of his hand when he should have a cutlass aaaargh!:08:


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A parrot doing the Addams Family theme song. That is great! Any chance of a sound clip of that? Talking about funny parrot things I now have the Monty Python parrot sketch in my head... "It's resting, it's pining for the fjords." :29: