Wire-fest, just another day in the office!


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So, I have worked out that over twelve months computer cables that are "tidied" behind desks procreate. This must happen overnight, obviously because I have never been able to catch them at it. When I make a surprise visit they just sit there, all innocent looking, and pretend they are simply doing what they are there for.
There can be no other explaination, at the end of the twelve months there are ALWAYS far more cables than what I installed, I have evidence (see images).
I am tempted to install closed circuit, but am scared what I would uncover. This could be a serious global secret plot........


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Also cords that one has no idea why they appeared or what they go to. One is always afraid to get rid of the cord because it might go to something real important and/or it might be impossible to replace. So you're left with a box full of rouge cords.

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When I worked as a Network Engineer we used to cable up and configure large switches /routers so it was cables cables everywhere eventually simplified by using structured cabling . We had a company and they installed panel to panel links so all the switch ports were presented on panels and rack mounted servers had panel to panel links back to the switch port panel racks which simplified everything . When I first started we used to have to use long cables and crawl under the raised tiled floor to connect devices direct to the switches /routers definitely not a pleasant and easy job.

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:)I have come across that in a few places Tony .Pre structured cabling we had a guy working with us who would do anything to cobble a connection together especially if there was an issue. An absolute nightmare to work with if the fault reoccurred and he wasn't around . The Centre we worked at was cleared a while back we reckon it took twice the number of hours for the contractors to unravel all his bodges . It was an absolute delight when we moved and the structured cabling became the norm.


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Just remember that electrical wires are just wire clothes-hangers with plastic covering, and those things have a life of their own.
I used to work for BT installing and commissioning digital network infrastructure. We had detailed diagrams and schedules and still there were more wires than sockets!