Win 11 quote


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Saw a lovely and very true quote on TheRegister site about Micro$ofts persistant attempts to own YOU!

With every Windows update I lose more control of my own system. Processes I cannot kill off when they hang (because as full Admin I don't have authorization) services I cannot change (because you really didn't mean to do that. we at Microsoft know better than you) and the endless invasive telemetry to the point where Powershell fails to open promptly if there is no Internet connection.

Windows is no longer a Operating System. It is a personal data gathering utility tied to profit making similar to crypto currency miners. The more you use it, the more data MS has to sell on to its partners.
LOL.. they already know more about you than you do, and have done for decades! Same as Google, Yahoo, etc etc etc and the Chinese Gov, and US Gov, and KGB etc...