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Howard and Pearl...…………..OH LOOK MITZI'S FOUND HER MUMMY !
Well done Dick, and so quick,though we never saw them with a cat or no mention of it before or after this episode, look out for a new post with your prize


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Just for additional interest - I noted down that Howard was seen petting a cat outside his house in one episode but it wasn't their own cat, just one that happened to be passing - according to the rather rough notes I made, this was in In Search of Childlike Joy and the Farthest Reaches of the Lotus Position.
Made a change from him and Clegg staring at beetles!
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I remember seeing Howard petting a cat in an episode, too JB. Thought there was also an outdoor shot of their house with a cat someone in the background as well. With as often as Howard is zipping out the door their cat could not possibly just an indoor one.

Inky, I remember Entwhistle being involved in a conversation about someone with many wives. Possibly Tom was in on that conservation too. Can not think of the particulars at the moment.

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I have said it before Roger you will walk Mastermind anytime you care to enrol . I am happy to mail John Humphrys and tell him to just put your name on the trophy now and have it delivered to you . :)