Who he?

Looks like he is singing [which we know he can ] to the Lady. Any clues to the name of the film Peri. Could be a budget version of the Wizard of Oz and the lady is Dorothy with Bill as the Scarecrow [as it was a budget version they couldn't afford the straw and told him to dress up in some of his old clothes and not shave !]
You are right Roger, it is Bill Owen. The film Captain is,'THE GIRL WHO COULDN'T QUITE '. Strange title but Bill Owen was very Good. The film was shown yesterday on the TALKING PICTURES channel. There are a lot of old films on there, a lot in Black and White. Me being the age that I am remember them. :frown2:
I looked at that channel they have all sorts of archived gems long forgotten but well worth watching . During lockdown its been outstripping other more well known channels in terms of viewing figures.
There was a news article about this a few weeks back. Apparently the man and his daughter set up the channel to share the many old films and TV shows the man had been collecting all his life. We've recently been watching the original Sunday Nights at the London Palladium on the channel. Very enjoyable.
I'm on TPTV's mailing list and just received one to say that TPTV encore is now available on Freeview channel 82 , you'll see the logo and then press the red button to see old shows and films . IF you don't see red button then this might help https://www.tptvencore.co.uk/faq/red-button-faqs
I would have liked to have had that but can't get it on freeview where I am. I do watch it on my laptop. There's some great shows on there.