Where Wesley got his Training


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That's very funny!!

Hope you don't mind, but I'm snagging this to print out and frame to put in my house. I love collecting old garage ads and signage. All the old garages and petro stations have all closed over here where I live. When I see an old one with a for sale sign I always ask if I can have the signage.
Thankfully my wife is VERY understanding and a little like Edie, better to let him tinker with cars than get into other kinds of trouble!

Adrian Morris

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I wonder where it was in Holmfirth. We have five closed petrol stations where I live that I can remember. I only remember two of them having pumps or bowsers outside though they might have stopped trading by them. I was very young. Though there was one very close to home that stopped trading not too long ago. It was handy as a young kid as I could walk to it with the petrol can for the lawn mower.


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I always wonder how Wesley would have coped with the modern engines with all their ECU technology. Can't imagine him plugging his diagnostic laptop to an engine management chip somehow!!!!


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I imagine he would ask the brains of the family, Seymour, who would probably be chuffed to help out but promptly fry the ecu with his experiments.