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I have spent a little time on the net looking for forums where you can learn the whereabouts of the LOTSW cast since the show sadly concluded but my searching is fruitless . Whilst I am aware that sadly Dora Bryan and Frank Thornton passed away in recent times , Stephen Lewis and Jean Alexander have retired [but to where?] , Russ Abbot continues to work [my funny valentine on BBC IPlayer is most recent thing I have seen from him] , Louis Emerick recently starred in the local theatre and is still touring in the Full Monty but what has happened to other members .

I know that actors/actresses value their privacy and so with a lot of them things are often clouded in mystery if they are between roles or have decided to retire from the business but the likes of Mike Grady, Sarah Thomas, Juliette Kaplan , Brian Murphy/Bert Kwuok[ perhaps] are all of an age that they probably continued to act but its so difficult to find any details.

With due respect to their privacy there are a plethora of actors/actresses who have appeared not only in LOTSW but in any number of shows who I would like to know both what they are doing but in some cases are they still alive . It would be a great shame if these people who have given pleasure to millions were to be forgotten and not honoured via the written word for posterity . Whilst Wikipedia/IMDB do provide some information it tends to be about past work with only occasional mention of current activity.

I would welcome any contributions to this thread regarding LOTSW cast apologies if this has been attempted before I did try to search the forum but I did not identify anything pertinent . Thank you in advance for anyone who wishes to participate
Have you tried IMDB??

For example, it sez Mike Grady is in Thomas & Friends in 2015

The last listed for Sarah Thomas is in Doctors in 2011

Juliette Kaplan is listed in Coronation Street in 2015

Brian Murphy is listed in Holby City in 2014
I have to say ( And I'm really not bragging) but I was talking to Jonathan Linsley yesterday AKA Crusher, not sure what he's working on but it sounds like he's doing well. I think I read somewhere that Bert Kwouk retired too, I'll see if I can find the article. Juliette Kaplan has been working on Coronation St apparently, I don't watch it myself.

Hope that's filled in some gaps for you :D
Thank you all for the posts and information I had pretty much come to the conclusion that for any number of the actors/actresses I will never find out any information probably until their death is reported in the press/on TV .

What I find really annoying is if you read some of the Red Top papers and the Mail online you can learn almost anything about what I would call Z list Celebrities , what they had for breakfast , how many ounces they have lost that day , how stunning they look in their latest frock or suit.

For the stars of the small and large screen from yesteryear ,there is little or no detail available , it would satisfy and please me if I knew if they were hopefully in good health . Yes they may not be megastars but they have a talent of being able to portray the written word using every emotion and entertain countless people , most of these Z listers are simply a clothes horse . Bert Kwouk, for example, was in 3 Bond movies , the unforgettable Pink Panther films and countless comedy/drama ventures, the Z listers have been in Versace, Armani.....

Rant over I will let the Forum return to a more gentile level.
That's all true Captain, I think mainly the age of most of the cast as a lot to do with the lack of information, most retired after Summer Wine some are still working but even the "Younger cast" are in their 60s now.
Part of me wants to know but I would be upset if they had fallen on hard times or god forsake suffering with ill health after bring laughter to millions over the years .
Sarah Thomas has been doing panto.
Mike Grady has been doing some cartoon voice overs.
June Whitfield ( Whose 90 this year) is still working well, she's doing Boomers and Cider With Rosie this year.

Thats all I find for now. :)