What's Wrong with this Picture


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I will point out I have not changed anything, I just happened to spot this like you do sometimes,can you see what does not add up with this sceneWR.jpg


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That's the end of Butterley Lane at New Mill Terry where the bench is, I've been there lots of times and never seen that sign, it must be a prop.
There's no T-intersection sign on the Google Earth photo of that intersection, as well as no directional sign post. The Hollin House Lane road sign is there, but now so overgrown that it's barely visible. The directions on the sign post are correct even though it's a prop, although Huddersfield or Sheffield via Hollin House Lane would both be roundabout routes. In addition, in the Huddersfield direction there's a sign warning "Road ahead impassible by vehicles over 6 feet wide". The Google Earth camera car drove the entire distance to where it ends at Penistone Road in New Mill, and parts of it look barely six feet wide.