What was the name of the episode

Mrs blamire (i wish)

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Where marina and glenda are fighting because glenda thought Barry was with marina
I know its one of the later episodes but can't remember the name...it's bugging me
I don't know the episode but I'm sure someone will be along with the answer shortly.
I can think of 2 instances where Barry & Marina entangled. The one with the suit that attracted blondes & another where Barry gave Marina a lift in his car.
It's the one where Barry confides in Ros about having to deliver a message to Marina and wears a white cap and then Howard tells Pearl and Ros that he should always keep the wife and girlfriend separate.
Glenda and Marina are hitting each other with handbags.
Sadly, Madly, Bradly
Series 23 Ep 9
The Glenda/Marina fight scene is 27 minutes in.
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