We know what it is with our eyes closed [thank you Mr Hazelhurst !!!]


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We all know about the musical genius that is Mr Ronnie Hazelhurst......
I can think of 3 reoccuring tunes throughout our wonderful series that I can identify with a specific person...or a specific view.......
1. The banjo when Ely is walking down the road.
2. The beautiful violins when the camera scans the magnificent Yorkshire countryside.
3. The "de,de,de,de,de,de,deeeeeer" [you all know what I mean !!] when we see our favourite boys in blue...Cooper and Walsh.
I could sit there with my eyes firmly shut....and I would know what is on the screen...that is the magic of Ronnie Hazelhurst !!!...
Can any of my fellow Summerwiners think of any more ???/.
All my love to one and all,


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'Is that a view or is that a view' brings a certain tune into play.
All very well listed on the s/w CD by Ronnie.


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Yes wstol. We tried putting Wesleys rock music into the 'sound hound' app but it didn't recognise it so thought it may have been a Ronnie job!