We had a great Day


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All the family were here at HQ, a really good dinner which was followed by Board games,ended up the Game of Thrones Monopoly, two small helicopters were built during the day though one failed to work, to end the evening we got soaked with heavy rain as we all dispersed for our own homes, none of us had to travel more than 1/4 of a mile, roll on tomorrow as we have a 500 piece model V8 engine to construct.
Did anyone see the reports about the Queen banning Monopoly from being played at the Royal Christmas get together because it gets too vicious.

It was mentioned on Have I got News For You and Paul Merton who is as a sharp as a tack said it was because they were fighting over the Get out of Jail card :):)
Since we are talking model railways, I found this very interesting recently. A model railway connected to actual railway signalling equipment, so that controllers can learn without putting any real trains in danger. Can train up to 20 signallers at the same time. Sorry if off original thread topic. We have some railway fans here that may already know all this but might find it a neat watch.