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Marsden Moor is now on fire after someone had a bbq on there and set fire to the tinder dry heather. We've just been camping in the Hope Valley in Derbyshire and anyone with half a brain cell could see how dry the land is. There's also fires at Delph and Uppermill both believed to be arson. Unbelievable.

captain clutterbuck

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The " like " is for kindly letting us know about these grave issues Ferret not for the half wits who either are so stupid they couldn't recognise how dry the land was or the scum who deliberately set the land alight . What sort of world do we live in !!!

Locally we have a wonderful Fish Shack restaurant on the Beach at Tynemouth and some what I would describe as Savages broke into their storeroom and took the deckchairs people use to sit on the beach with to enjoy their Fish and Chips . The dollups dragged them along the long sands and set them alight nothing left to salvage . It's a wonderful award winning beach shack and its something different but these clowns have set the business back until they can replace the chairs . Words just fail me [other than swear words which I will of course won't use here although you feel like it!!]