Was hot today


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The temperature today reached 46c which is about 114f in direct sunlight, 24 hours ago it was not even half that
Did your town become the new Death Valley or Sahara? Wow, very hot!

I just put the digital thermometer on the garden table for 15 mins and when I checked it, it read 46c,that was in direct sunlight around midday
Here in sunny North Carolina it's been in the mid-90's F
every day, NOT in the sun, for about a month or more,
and more to come I'm afraid. Thank the good Lord
for whole-house a/c. It's a real treat in this weather
to get stopped at a red light (aren't they all?) with the
top down for what seems like hours in my Midget. No fun. Not
really MG weather, summers here.

We had our first hot day of the year, 30 °Celsius (must be nearly 90 F), tomorrow it´ll be even warmer, then thunderstorms and cooler again. Only two days ago it was raining, foggy and only 11 or 12 °C (which must be about 53 F)!
Oh god, yes, we had an awful hot spell in 2003 with weather like cciaffone says, for about 4 weeks and no rain at all, the trees even lost leaves and the Rhine ran nearly dry, I mean, it´s our biggest river! No need for that again! Especially as nobody has air condition in Germany, and I haven´t even in my car.
I don't mind Thunderstorms, just if they'd ease off the hail storms like we've been having here in NC. Roofing Companies are having a field day here, that's for sure!
Hey Claye, here in southern Durham we have not even
had a thunderstorm, never mind the hail. At this
point we will take any kind of moisture from the sky.

Here comes yet another day or drought, another day in
the mid-90's. But at least no more smoke from those
coastal wildfires. That was really scary!!