Vote For Your Favourite British Comedy


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I have picked these from a list of the top 50 British TV Comedies,Please choose your top 10 from this List,Poll last for 14 days,Have Fun

Please Note I did not compile the list but it is claimed to be what has been voted by the public,there are shows I like that are not on the list,so please do not complain that shows are missing,it would be interesting to see what our Forum members like from this list


it is tricky to choose from, I had 15 on my first go, was hard to cut those 5 from the list


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I have another list of other decent comedies that were not in the top 50, OK it does not cover every comedy ever made and mainly covers the older comedies,but I will post it as a poll soon,just for a bit of fun


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My ten are....

Summer Wine
Vicar of Dibley
Fawlty Towers
Keeping Up Appearences
As Time Goes By
The Young Ones
Waiting For God
The Office

However, I have seen less than half of these shows so I might not be the best one to vote.

I was told I would love IN Fools and Horses but I have not seen it.

I only saw I am Alan Partridge once, in a British Airlines flight and thought that episode was hilarious, but I couldn't vote for it based on one episode.

I would have definitely voted for The Old Guys and possibly Chef, but those weren't one in the list.

I have previously wrote about Wally and Nora being the funniest couple in telelvision, but Basil and Cybil in Fawlty Towers might come close!

And lastly, I could never get into Are You Being Served or Allo Allo.


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Maybe I just don't remember it that well, but I wouldn't have said that Butterflies was really a comedy. Even though Geoffrey Palmer did give one of the best lines ever uttered in one episode, "Oh God, I can see hope running towards the horizon with its arse on fire". Must be a good line, I still remember it after 35 years.


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Butterflies is a comedy (sitcom to be precise) all right.

Admittedly could get slow with all that 'will they or won't they' stuff that spoilt it, but writer Carla Lane likes all that emotional stuff.

Could be quite funny though as well.

Similar to As Time Goes By, in it's thoughtfulness and gentleness.

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Maybe I just don't remember it that well, but I wouldn't have said that Butterflies was really a comedy.
Can I suggest we look at the classic meaning of the word "comedy". The Oxford English Dictionary comes up with two definitions:

"1. professional entertainment consisting of jokes and sketches, intended to make an audience laugh: a cabaret with music, dancing, and comedy the show combines theatre with the best of stand-up comedy
• a film, play, or broadcast programme intended to make an audience laugh: [as modifier]:a comedy film
• the style or genre represented by comedy films, plays, and broadcast programmes: the conventions of romantic comedy have grown more appealing with the passage of time
• the humorous or amusing aspects of something:advertising people see the comedy in their work

2. a play characterized by its humorous or satirical tone and its depiction of amusing people or incidents, in which the characters ultimately triumph over adversity:Shakespeare’s comedies
• the dramatic genre represented by comedies:satiric comedy"

Consider "Butterflies" as a romatic comedy in the Shakespeare tradition along the lines of "As You Like It" or "Twelfth Night"


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I would have said Butterfly's was a comedy, Carla Lane wrote many comedy's, not all good but most were ok.