volunteer drivers needed

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Sorry to intrude here, but it is in a good cause :)


The Denby Dale Centre is a local registered charity aiming to reduce isolation and loneliness in the area by running activities that bring people together. Our new members tell us that they feel their health improves by 40% after joining our services. Our long established community transport team is now promoting the Volunteer Car Service – a service aimed at individuals rather than groups. The driving will be done by volunteers in their own vehicles, and they will be paid expenses to ensure they will not be left out of pocket.

There will be various reasons for trips, such as hospital visits, going to the hairdressers, social outings, shopping, or, faith related occasions. The charity’s main aim has always been to help isolated individuals with transport difficulties keep in touch with their community, and it means so much to our members to be able to get out and about and connect with like minded individuals.

The service currently covers passengers who live in Kirklees rural areas – defined as the wards Holme Valley North and South, Colne Valley, Golcar, Denby Dale, Kirkburton and Crosland Moor and Netherton.

We are now recruiting volunteer drivers; If you are interested in this role, give us a call on 01484 860077, please ask for the Transport Team, or visit www.ddc.org.uk/car-service.


We now return you to your regular Summerwine service....


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Greetings and Welcome, uponthecliff.

That sounds like a great organization! I would love to help but unfortunately I'm a bit too far away to be of any service. A large body of water and never having driven a right hand drive vehicle on the other side of the road before are a hindrance at the moment. I hope you can find the help you need.

Welcome UpontheCliff what a wonderful scheme sadly I live in the North East of England and would not be able to help but I must commend the volunteers and yourself for what you do it shows that compassion and community spirit is very much alive.


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Even a bit far for me to regularly pop in and help. I tend to be helping people take the train these days - a little bit of community stuff I am involved with. Those who know me on FB will know all about my assignations to Morecambe ...