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I've been collecting the various "Vintage" DVDs on eBay over the years. Still a few holes which I have email alerts. This morning I received one for a 2009 @ $29.99 USD (which was high for what I'm shopping for) but it said it was not used. With free shipping this would be understandable.

I also remember was selling the lsat few years so I went there to compare. Was totally shocked to see not only was 2009 the last year they had in stock but that it had been marked down "slightly".
Came out to a little under $15.00 USD after tax and shipping. Brand new!
Great find, Onslow! I have found a few good deals over the years via ebay and amazon. Did not think to try the obvious - Will need to have a look there later on. Thanks.
Arrived yesterday. They threw in a slick booklet of their other DVD offerings. About ten pages of murder mystery shows. One or two pages of non-murder mysteries.
I had a Series 30-sized hole in my heart, so I ordered this set. Thanks for the tip!

Update: The Vintage 2007 (Series 28) is on Amazon (where I also got Series 30) is also reasonably priced ($20.79 after tax), so I've picked that up as well.
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Love your dedication, the general consensus is the latter episodes were quite poor (a view that I completely disagree with) But many on here aren't fans of the post Compo era.

As a matter of interest is the DVD blu-ray as the last few series were filmed in HD?
I've watched a fistful of Alvin Smedley-era episodes and took an instant liking to the character. However, my Mrs. doesn't like how "inspired" I am by Alvin's dress sense!

I won't be watching that era for a long time, though. Besides, it'd be too jarring to jump from sooty 1975 to impossibly-clean 2003!
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