Trio overlap


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I recently saw an episode with Truly and Compo together in the same scenes. For some reason I always thought Truly was a "post-Compo" era character but apparently there are three seasons I need to catch up on.


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Wasn't there 2 full seasons with the trio including Truly and Compo (without checking)?

Then, I believe Compo's Passing Trio was during Truly's 3rd season? If not, it was his 2nd.

Truly was very supportive of Clegg in those episodes.


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There were two full Compo/Clegg/Truly series (19 and 20) before the final series Bill Owen appeared in (21). Series 19 I've always felt is a bit uneven since it was written mostly as a Compo/Clegg/Foggy series where they had to substitute Truly at the last minute. So, Series 20 is the only full real season written with the Compo/Clegg/Truly combo in mind.

I do agree that it can be tough to watch Bill Owen decline. I think he looks better in some Series 20 episodes then he did in Series 19, which makes me wonder if he was being treated in some way by then. Series 21 is very tough to watch for the special and the three completed episodes he appears in given he was in really poor health by then.

*I'm referring to Series numbers in their actual order and not in the order in the DVD collection, which is off by one after Series 9.