Tornado Alley


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Someone had asked about Tornado Alley and I couldn't find where it was posted. Anyway it's getting close to that time again (March) so I thought I would share this picture of the area it affects. :eek:

I hope you are able to see the attachment.


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My Geography is shocking, for years I was wondering why people would live in a place called Tornado Alley! It wasn't until I saw a map that I realised it so BIG. it looks like a quarter of the whole country. I hope its not too bad this year.


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Me too! Suprisingly enough most homes in the Dallas-Forth Worth area do not have basements or tornado cellers. We are told to get into a closet or get in a bathtub and cover up with a mattress.
We have a queen pillow top and I can just see myself trying to lug that thing over to the bath ???
I'll take the closet!


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You can never tell about tornadoes. They had to delay the Daytona 500 in Florida due to a tornado watch.