Tim Conway - RIP at 85


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I am sad to say that one of my all time favorite comedians has passed away this morning. A legend from the Carol Burnett Show days. It is tough to think of anyone I have belly laughed so hard at that I would have tears streaming from my eyes as a child or adult. At least not from clean, family friendly content. I realize he may be more well known on the American side of the Atlantic. Hopefully those on the UK side are at least family with his name or some of his works. Tim and Harvey Korman are right up there with Abbott and Costello caliber comedy wise for me.


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I guess I should have mentioned he is an American comedian. I watched him with my parents on TV growing up when he did the Carol Burnett Show. It was one of those times when the whole family got together to watch a show and laugh like crazy. M*A*S*H was another show that we enjoyed as a group. WKRP in Cincinnati another classic family viewing. Family bonding, fond memories type of thing. It ran from when I was born in 1967 to 1978. Comedy greats such as Carol, Don Knotts, Harvey Korman, Dick Van Dyke and many others have been on her show.

My sister and I went to the theater to see him in the movie The Apple Dumpling Gang back in 1975. Laughed so much at the movie. A hilarious movie that is geared for kids but adults can still have a laugh at watching it.

Here is a skit called the Elephant story with Carol, Tim, Vicki Lawrence and Dick. Tim improved most of this skit and the other actors had a rough idea of what he might say, but not exactly.

Here is a page that has seven skits from Carol's show.


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Thanks for the film Rick. I have never seen Tim Conway but my wife recognized him. She is from America, Minneapolis. I am from Summer Wine country where we now live. I gather that you are American. Nice to know you. :17:

Brian Johns

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Tim was famous for playing Ensign Parker in McHale's Navy, the show that really launched him into the big time. Although we didn't get the Carol Burnett show here, I have watched several episodes over the years and Tim was always the standout. That Elephant out-take STILL gets me rolling on the floor in tears and I have seen it MANY MANY times and even know the background story of how it came about, which just makes it even MORE funny when you watch it and realize the rest of the cast have no idea what Tim will do next and are trying so hard not to "corpse"

I will miss his humour. RIP


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I had forgotten about Tim being in McHale's Navy.

When you mention knowing the background story Brian are you talking about this? :21:

Nice to know you too, Peri. Glad you are on the forums and got your avatar sorted. Yes, I'm American, could you not tell by my accent? (kidding:))