The music thread

Anybody approching my age (late 20's :) ) do you remember Mason Williams "Classical Gas"?
I love it, still listen to it. Think I was introduced to it in my mid to late teens. Well, just found a 'cover' by Tommy Emmanuel and it is, hmmm, how best to describe it....... hmmm it's diferent but truly amazing.

"There's an old rock and roll story, unconfirmed of course, that a man walks into a bar, sees Jimmy Hendricks and asks him what it's like being the greatest guitarist in the world. I don't know replies Hendrix, you'd have to ask Rory Gallagher"

I have said Hello to Rory a few times, when he played Newcastle he used to go on walk about and was so approachable he would stop and chat with people who recognised him such a great guitarist taken far too young.
A real favourite of mine as you say the laconic style is unique and copied , because he was such a huge influence, by Clapton and Knopfler. The other musician who had that similar style who has been around for years but rather than guitar he was on piano and that was Mose Allison .
I uploaded this song to Youtube about ten years ago. It flatlined for the first year, started getting views over 10,000 per day at it's peak, now has 4.8 million views. Always had a thing for Alison.. :21:
Caravan has played at Holmfirths Picturedrome a few times I believe. I imagine Compo and Nora boogying along to it :42:


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