The Rebel.


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Simon Callow, Anita Dobson and Bill Patterson star in The Rebel on Gold on Wednesday at 10.

I loved the premise but the script was fanatical and weak however because Simon Callow and Bill Pattison are in it I'll give it another couple of episodes.

A 70 year old, recently widowed 60s music loving, anarchistic, mod goes on a rampage by assaulting a police officer with a teddy bear, desecrating a church by urinating in the font and pushing a supermarket trolley through a window. He ends up in court where it turns out he want to the same school as the judge, he ends up with a wrist slap and an ankle tag.

Like I said I like the premise but I think they missed a great opportunity because of an infantile script and weak sub plots. It way get better but I'm not holding my breath, be warning if you decide to give it ago there is a lot of swearing and some drug use.